Dallas Commercial Fencing Services

City Fence Gates provides commercial fence installations. We install iron fences, wooden fences, and vinyl fencing services. We have serviced many apartment complexes, retail and more.

Dallas Residential Fencing Services

City Fence Gates specializes in providing a quality and professional fence installation for homeowners in Dallas, Tx, and surrounding cities all over DFW.

Wooden Fencing Services

Using the best quality of wood on the market!

Wooden fencing is the most popular type of fencing used in residential homes all over Dallas – Fortworth. It is the type of fencing that can provide a lot of privacy and security that won’t break the bank. This type of fence can be side by side, leaving a very small gap between each wooden fence strip. If you want further privacy for your home, you’re better off with a board-on-board wooden fence installation. This ensures there is no gap that allows for any view into the inside of the fence.

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Vinyl Fencing Services

Fencing solutions that require less maintenance!

Although vinyl fencing installation may cost a little more than the others for installing, it has no additional requirements for maintenance. Vinyl fencing is also very sturdy and is easier to take off any stains or graffiti marks with a simple soap and water wash. You may also paint and re-paint your vinyl fencing to any color of your choice with ease.

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Iron Fencing Services

Providing the most durable fence your home can obtain.

City Fence Gates specializes in providing a quality iron wrought installation and reliable repair service. It is our duty to provide you with a well installed iron fence to provide you with its maximum life span. We have installed iron fencing on apartment complex, residential homes, retails and restaurants. Although this type of fence doesn’t offer much privacy, it does offer a form of security due to the material.

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Chain Link Fencing Services

Fencing solutions on a budget!

Chain Link Fencing can be among one of the cheapest forms of fencing for your residential home or commercial establishment. This type of fencing is the basic type of fence that divides neighborhood real estate from one another and aren’t really there to provide security nor privacy. Though many people tend to grow plants, flowers and small trees among the perimeter of the fence so that the leaves and flowers can tangle with in between the fence for the whole purpose of creating more privacy, it will never make your home backyard fully private.

Schools, recreational centers, among other places such as parks tend to go more for a chain link fence. City Fence Gates will make sure you obtain the best fencing service in Dallas.

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City Fence Gates specializes in providing professional and custom fence installation and repair services. Our wide range of services allows homeowners to take their home exterior to a higher level and preserving security from the outside of their homes.

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