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Dallas Automatic Gates for backyards, driveways, & more

City Fence Gates has installed and serviced many gate installations and gate repairs of all types in Dallas, Plano, Richardson and cities all over DFW. We have managed to build a reputable and trustworthy gate installation and gate repair company.
We work with the latest equipment in Automatic Gate Openers including the installation of automatic sliding gates. Our technicians have years of experience installing electric gates so you are sure to obtain the best quality of gate opener and installation. Our gate installations are reliable and done at a reasonable price. 
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Automatic Sliding Gates

North Texas Automatic Gate Installation & Repair.

This type of gate can be seen in majority of apartment complexes where the entrance and exit slide gates are more commonly made out of iron. The mechanism of sliding the gate to either the left side or right side is up to you.

These types of gates can be installed in your residential home and are mostly seen as the backyard gate. You must consider having enough space for the installation of your slide gate. If the gate measures 16 feet, there must be a minimum of 18 feet to either side (left or right) of your slide gate. This ensures that your slide gate has enough room to move to once you decide to open it. City Fence Gates Dallas can install your automated slide gate. Prefer manually? Not a problem! We can also match your sliding-gate fit right in with the style of your home fencing.

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Automatic Swing Gates

Gate Repair Services in North Dallas.

Automated Swing Gates are more commonly seen as driveway gates for many residential homes. City Fence Gates has installed this type of gates to many homeowners in Dallas, Garland, Richardson and surrounding cities. Automated Swing Gates open like the door of your home. You have to make sure there isn’t any objects that will get in the way as the swing gate opens.

When installing a swing gate, the installer must make sure your floor is considered flat and leveled enough for the swing gate to open. In any case you have a tree that might get in the way or your floor is simply starts to unlevel as the gate continues to forward in, you may consider a dual swing gate.

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Automatic Dual Swing Gates

Affordable Automatic Gate Installation in Dallas.

City Fence Gates installs automated dual swing gates for both commercial real estate and residential home owners. A dual swing gate uses less space when opening and closing because of its dual gate leaves / panels. There is a left part of the gate and a right part of the gate that will open in opposite directions. This type of gate is very suitable for driveways.

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