1001 Belmont Dr
Garland, TX 75040

Invoice Number INV-364
Invoice Date December 9, 2020
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Tony Luong

2205 Fawnwood Dr, Plano Tx 75093

Materials: 1x8 cedar pickets, 2x4 cedar rail/runners,11 ft galvanized metal post, galvanized brackets, stainless-ring chank nails, 80'lbs maxamizer concrete and stain.

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158 8 ft. Board on Board

Tear out and haul away old fence. set new metal post 34 inches below the ground & six feet apart. Hard ware for two walk gates, apply double trim on new fence and all wood is pre-dipped with stain.

*Notice if you would like to add a 2x6 treated pine base board on the bottom of the fence it will be an additional $830.This is optional but recommended for termites.

Sub Total $8,097.50
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Paid -$8,097.50
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